Maintenance Schedule

At Mason Corporation we strive to design the most maintenance-friendly structures possible. Mason Water Slides perform best when a regular maintenance regimen is followed. The purpose of this list is to provide your staff with guidelines…it is not meant to be an all-inclusive maintenance routine.  This list should be combined with your own specific maintenance procedures and posted for all staff to review.  Of utmost importance is ensuring a safe and engaging play environment. In addition, an annual inspection with completion of recommended repairs is highly encouraged.

Daily Maintenance

Make a general inspection of the complete unit for obvious problems that may prove hazardous.  This includes trash, left-over articles from the previous day and wind-blown debris. Train your staff to spot evidence of vandalism or damage due to severe weather events which may have occurred overnight.


Weekly Maintenance

  1. Inspect slide flumes for the possibility of raised or loosened bolts.


  1. Inspect tower enclosure for signs of wear or vandalism.


  1. Inspect all protective plastic acorn caps to ensure that none have become dislodged.


  1. The entire Water Slide should be rinsed with fresh water, wiped down and sanitized. This includes the framework, decks and the interior and exterior of the slide flumes. Chlorine build-up will not only compromise the finish, but also the integrity of the aluminum structure. 


5. Regular use of products such as Armor-All®, or Plexus® Cleaner & Protectant helps to protect the plastic finish of the flumes and reduce fading caused by sun exposure. The Plexus® product is anti-static, leaves no oily or sticky residue and can be applied in one simple step. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the product you have chosen to use. To order more, visit  Be aware that use of these products on the interior of the slide flumes will increase the speed of your slides. We recommends its use for the exterior flume surfaces only.


6. Inspect the water source and hose assembly for leaks, cracks, and weathering.


7. Inspect the aluminumstructure beneath the Tuff Pad for excessive corroding that could ultimately affect structural integrity of the slide.


Annual Maintenance

Over time the Tuff Pad softens. When this occurs, tighten the zip ties.  This can be done in accessible areas and is not necessary over the entire unit. 


IMPORTANT: We recommend that you schedule an annual inspection by a qualified

Playground / Water Slide Inspector who can recommend and possibly complete repairs.