Roller Racer® Tunnel

Kids love riding through a tunnel! This is a custom feature designed for our US-made Roller Racers. Do you want to develop your kiddie area with one-stop shopping? Look no further for a fun and interactive attraction for your amusement park, zoo or family fun center.

Roller Racer Tunnel

The tunnel is created using a multi-step process that begins with spraying a polyurethane foam. It is sculpted and carved with various tools, such as chainsaws, grinders and knives. A Hardcoat finish is applied next and gives the tunnel its exceptional strength and durability. When the Hardcoat cools, the structure is painted. The most important step is the final one, applying Clearcoat over the paint color. The tunnel is now ready to add an exciting Tunnel feature to your Roller Racer track.

Tunnel Ride Area