Optimal Site Characteristics

1. Concrete deck around the pool.

2. 15 to 25 feet from the water’s edge to where the concrete ends (usually there is a fence).

3. 20 feet of linear length usable space along pool edge.

4. Federal regulations dictate 3 ½ foot water depths where the slide flumes enter the pool (depths of 4 feet or greater are preferred).

5. Design adaptations available to provide flume entrances at corners and on peninsulas.

6. Electrical codes in some states dictate that our pipe structure is bonded (or ground) to some other pervasive metal structure around the pool. ( e.g. the rebar in the concrete ) Some clients have done this using #8 copper wire. Regardless, this is the owner’s responsibility.

7. A water volume of 15 to 20 gallons per minute, per flume is sufficient for our water slides.

Component Descriptions

Pipe: 80 gauge, 1.9” OD anodized aluminum structural tubing.

Fittings: Structural Speed-Rail→ fittings (manufactured by Hollaender of Cincinnati, OH) All Hollaender fittings are made of high tensile strength, aluminum/magnesium alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and will not rust. The physical strength characteristics are comparable with malleable iron at one-third the weight.

Plastic Components: All flumes and decks are made of rotationally molded linear low-density polyethylene. UV inhibitors are molded into each component’s 3/8” (minimum) wall thickness.

Each 4’ by 4’ plastic deck easily holds up to 800 lbs.

Tuffpad®: To add further protection for the participant and the structural pipe itself, the aluminum framework is covered with a product called Tuffpad®. This extruded polyethylene plastic closed cell foam product features (through a unique dipping process) a vinyl coating, which increases durability. It is made by Nomaco Inc. The UV stabilized vinyl coating makes pressure washing all the easier. A variety of colors add to the “curb appeal” of the final product.

Saddles: All slide flumes are supported using extra thick custom-made aluminum saddles.

DuraMesh® Barrier Screen: A barrier product called DuraMesh® encloses all climbing towers. It is a very strong metal mesh material that is dipped in vinyl to make it more attractive and corrosion resistant. The result is that it is impossible to fall off of or out of a Mason Water Slide.

Hardware: All connecting hardware and concrete anchors are made of high quality marine-grade stainless steel.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these materials or need replacement parts.