Product Specifications

Mason Water Slides and our Mason Playgrounds utilize schedule 80, 1.9” O.D. structural aluminum tubing connected together using aluminum fittings, creating a modular pipe frame structure. It is then anchored to the concrete for maximum stability.

Different rotationally molded plastic components and/or canvas/web components can be attached to the framework to create enclosed passageways throughout the structure. The outer accessible framework of this system is covered with Tuff Pad® so that there are no hard exposed pipes. It is also scaled off from the outside with Dura-Mesh barrier screen to prevent children from falling out of play areas, or climbing on non-play areas. This results in a self-contained play system or water slide.

Our soft play systems and water slides abide by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. We at Mason Corporation provide structures that offer a safe haven for children through our top quality materials. Examples of our commitment to safety include: smooth hygienic polyethylene plastic parts, with walls of approximately 3/8″ in thickness; durable, flame-retardant, 18-oz coated vinyls and webbing that is 2 inches in width and a tensile strength of about 4,000 lbs. PSI; vinyl coated Dura-Mesh; indestructible windows and foam-wrapped piping. Structural requirements for a site’s foundation include an 800 lb. point-load per column attachment, usually achieved with a typical 4″ concrete slab.

Summary: Piping: Schedule 80, 1.9” O.D structural aluminum tubing. Fittings: All cast aluminum alloy 535 speed rail 2″ fittings by Hollaender. Plastic components: Meet a min. 3/8″ wall thickness and are comprised of UV stabilized linear low-density polyethylene. TuffPad® foam: closed cell highly durable co-extruded exterior polymer coating, UV stabilized. Manufactured and assembled using 316 stainless steel marine grade hardware. Saddles: T-6061 aluminum. Dura-Mesh: 3/8″ opening 14 -gauge steel core galvanized wire with a thermally fused and bonded vinyl PVC coating.