Rules of Operation

There are five important Rules of Operation that should be strictly enforced when operating a water slide. Follow these five rules and you will avoid 99% of the mishaps which may occur.

1.) Water slide supervision is the key to preventing mishaps.

2.) Only allow one slider to slide down at a time. This can be accomplished by placing a lifeguard at the top of each flume to regulate the frequency of participants. An easier way is to have the sliders queue up at the bottom of the slide and then allow only one participant at a time to climb up the tower to slide down.

3.) Make sure that the slide exit is completely clear and that the previous slider is well on the way to the pool ladder before the next slider is allowed to go.

4.) ALWAYS slide down FEET FIRST!

5.) Of course, if your water slide happens to empty into deep water, the slider must be an experienced swimmer.

Although there is no height limit, we recommend a weight limit of 200 lbs. per person. It is up to each facility to decide if they want to limit the use of the slide by age or height.

We hope that this information is helpful.
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