Mason Exer-Rider®

The Mason Exer-Rider® is a safe and fun mobility device especially for children with special needs.


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No motors, no batteries, no pedaling! With its patented power drive system, the original Mason Exer-Rider® is propelled by simply swinging the handlebars from side to side. Therapeutically adapted from the classic Flying Turtle®, the Mason Exer-Rider® is the design brainchild of Illinois “Teacher of the Year” and pediatric physical therapist, Beverly Richardson, for children with special needs. With decades of experience, Beverly Richardson visualized the therapeutic benefits for pre-school and grade school children.

The adaptive design features of the Mason Exer-Rider® include an upturn on the heavy-duty, tubular steel handlebars. Rubberized grips aid proper hand placement and promote the swinging motion which propels the scooter. The attached steel footplate positions the feet and an adjustable lower extremity strap may be used where needed. An injection-molded seat is strong enough to hold 150 lbs. Durable polyurethane skateboard wheels will not mar hardwood floors. A padded backrest and anti-skid seat cushion aid upper trunk stability. An adjustable waist belt provides pelvic support. These features enhance mobility without blocking rotation or the fun of independent play.

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Therapeutic Benefits

Kids love it! This versatile therapeutic riding vehicle has been clinically proven effective and fun for physically challenged children of all ages and it accommodates a variety of diagnoses. Children who have spina bifida, moderate cerebral palsy (especially diplegia), muscular dystrophy and a variety of other diagnoses benefit from and enjoy the Mason Exer-Rider®.

• Provides vestibular stimulation

• Promotes shoulder stability

• Encourages upper extremity reciprocal movement

• Enhances motor planning

• Promotes visual perceptual skills

• Promotes upper extremity strengthening

• Promotes trunk rotation

• Promotes independent play activity

• Rider sits low and safe

Safety First!

It’s low to the ground and has no sharp edges or spokes so the Mason Exer-Rider® is probably one of the safest adapted riding vehicles in existence. We recommend that children wear shoes and a helmet. Always ride seated with feet resting in the attached foot platforms. Responsibly refrain from riding on or near inclines, stairs, bodies of water or roadways.

Parents and therapists alike appreciate that the Mason Exer-Rider® comes completely assembled. It is ready to ride right out of the box. It can be ridden on any hard, smooth surface: outdoors on concrete and asphalt; indoors on tile, linoleum and gym floors. The non-marring polyurethane wheels are absolutely safe for hardwood floors.

Homegrown History

Originally designed by a retired Boeing engineer in the 1970’s…this grandfather used his engineering know-how and a tractor seat he found on his farm to create a prototype model for his grandson. Look closely and you will see how the the Mason Exer-Rider® seat of today resembles the shape of yesterday’s tractor seat.

Yes! US-Made

In Brentwood, Tennessee, American workers produce this very high quality product. We put a lot of love and care into every adapted scooter and it shows.

What about the materials? We are CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) approved and certified. Independent materials testing was conducted by St. Louis Testing Laboratories to ensure that our product materials are SAFE.

How’s It Go?

We’re still trying to figure this one out! The unique method of propulsion has made our scooter the subject of studies in Experimental Nonlinear Physics around the world.

The scientific explanation goes something like this:

“The front wheels of the machine are connected to the handlebars by a lever, in such a way that they are located behind the axis of rotation of the steering column. This means that a torque applied to the handlebars will cause a lateral friction force by the wheels on the ground, a force parallel to the axle and perpendicular to the direction the wheels are rolling. If a component of this force points to the back of the car, the reaction force of the ground on the car (by Newton’s “action/reaction” law) points partly forward and accelerates the car. This is the force that drives the car forward and it ultimately comes from the force you exert on the handlebars, magnified by the lever advantage, which is 2 or 3 for the Mason Exer-Rider®”.

Now, can you repeat that?

In summary, kids put their hands and feet on the handlebars which pivot in relation to the seat and work the handlebars for propulsion by vectored torque thrust making the front wheels want to skate forward.


Color: Red

Weight: 20 lbs. (Dimensional Weight 47 lbs.)

Individually Boxed and Completely Assembled

Box Size: 29 x 25 x 18 inches

Model: RRX (Mason ExerRider)

Red (R-RX)

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