Thank you for your AMERICAN MADE Flying Turtle!! We made it a Christmas gift for two of our kids this year. My son got on one at a store we were visiting and he didn’t want to get off. That is how I knew he would love it – my daughter, too. I’m tired of imported junk, so thank you for still making a product here. And not just that, it is made with QUALITY. I can tell you are not trying to skimp. Thank you for thinking that a quality product is the success of a company, instead of just trying to increase your personal profit. It matters.A fan, M. Steele


Thanks for the Flying Turtles®! My kids love them! It has been chilly here in CA and so my kids have been riding them inside the house on the wood floor :-). After Christmas the floor was a tad dusty and so I let the kids trail towels behind the Turtles and they helped me dust the floors 🙂 . We can’t wait to bring them to the park.Sincerely, April Sharp


I was in the Mule day parade last month and this guy comes up to me and says he needs to talk to me. I say ok and he pulls me aside and almost starts crying and says, “My daughter is handicapped and I saw you that one day with the Flying Turtle®. Until then, we didn’t know of any way to get her to participate with other kids but because of your story, we bought one and it has been the best 4 months of our lives”. I almost started crying….I guess people do watch.  –  Joe Dubin, Channel 2 News


Truthfully, you can’t beat the quality.  – Owner: Michael Ziegenhagen, PLAYmatters, Pepper Pike, OH


Learning Express Toys here in Bee Cave, TX is a big fan of the Flying Turtle®.  Our customers love it!!  We have a demo in the store that all the kids love to ride.  The demo sells it every time.  The customers love the fact that it is fully assembled and ready to ride.  We have never had one returned for any reason.  Our orders have always been shipped right away. Mason Corporation is a great company to work with.  –  Mike and Lisa Schlageter, Learning Express, Bee Cave, TX


We keep a Flying Turtle® on the sales floor all of the time.  It sells itself because kids love to play with it in the store.  – Carol Morris, Learning Express, Ft. Collins, CO


It’s a fun item and it ships quickly. Many of our customers remember having a Flying Turtle as a kid. – Jeff Weiss, Learning Express, Marietta, GA


Why do I love the Flying Turtle®? We just put one out, and it sells itself, especially when our sales people demonstrate that they can fit and enjoy riding it. I had a grandmother buy one for herself. Safe, well built, well priced, great fun. – Marilyn Walker, Play Fair Toys, Boulder, CO


We started carrying Flying Turtles® because so many customers asked for them. Now, when a customer is not familiar with them and see children riding them around our store, they ask what they are. The demo is entertaining for kids and sells them without us saying a word. We have never had a Flying Turtle® returned. We have never received any damaged product. We couldn’t be happier with your customer service. I can’t recall anyone in your company ever saying “We can’t do that.” You make things happen. – Mike Geisen, Toys On Main, Downers Grove, IL


We are huge fans of the Flying Turtles®, and still consider it a bargain. – Gregory Garson, Play and Learning


Year in and year out, the Flying Turtle® is a bestseller. And I’ve never had a return on this product, which shows what a high quality item it is. – Dean May, Toys Unique, Dallas, TX


Amazing, simply amazing. Put one out, it sells itself. – Jeffrey Hunt, KidGenius, Austin,Texas


One of the neatest and most unusual toys available on the market today. – Cindy Stone, The Elephant’s Trunk, Greenville, South Carolina


We are thrilled by the number of customers who love the Flying Turtle®. A great toy, good for all ages. – Laura Studley, Be Beep A Toy Shop, Columbia, South Carolina


A great toy to bring back. Kids of all ages love it! – Barbara Archer, Victoria’s Toy Station, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I’ve sold toys for 25 years, and this is my favorite ever! – Margaret Guffey, The Toy Store, Topeka, Kansas


A classic toy for all seasons, one of our top sellers! – Ann Erysian, Circle of Knowledge, St Louis, Missouri


These are the issues that we have NOT had to deal with since changing our inventory from an imported scooter to Flying Turtles®:

– Much more compact, safer, easy to move display.

– We don’t have to put the product together!

– Nicely boxed. Easy to stack and store inventory.

– Much, much easier to drive, even for me as an adult woman. Smooth ride.

Many of our customers like the nostalgia of the Flying Turtle saying they had something like that when they were a kid.

We had only one return. It was missing some screws. Customer Service was terrific. They sent us a new Flying Turtle® for the customer within a day or two and sent us some screws to fix the other one, which was easy to do in less than a minute.

We don’t have to do much to sell the product. The shape of it alone makes people want to take it off the display and try it out! We often let our customers take it out into an empty area in the parking lot and it’s great to see the Moms and Dads riding it too! We love your product and look forward to selling a lot of Flying Turtles® this spring and summer! – Mary Holmes, Go Bananas, Ashburn, VA


Sales of Flying Turtles® at the store are going well. We always tell people that we’ve never seen a Turtle come back with a problem or in need of repair. – Thanks, Richard Scott, Kid Genius Toys, Westlake Hills, Austin, TX