Mason Scooters

Flying Turtle ®

Homegrown history…Originally designed by a retired Boeing engineer in the 1970’s.

Roller Racer® Sport

The Roller Racer ® Sport is an institutional-quality scooter used in P.E. programs for the last twenty years.

Roller Racer ® Amusement

Our BEST scooter with exceptional quality construction, the Amusement Model is featured in amusement parks and family fun centers around the world.

Exer Rider ®

Children with poor trunk control and weak lower extremities can experience the fun and benefits of movement with this new rider.

Roller Racer Caddy ®

This compact, durable cart allows one person to conveniently transport up to 8 Roller Racers®.

Flying Turtle Display Rack ®

Increase your sales with the Flying Turtle® display!